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Monday 16 May 2016

Guest post - a guide to monochrome from a guest blogger...

Embrace The Splendour of Monochrome in Your Home
The subtle and yet sophisticated blend of black and white is making a spectacular return into the world of interior design by creating a perfect balance between the two contrasting shades. The bold and edgy black in a combination with serene white once again has managed to create brilliant monochromatic magic that makes an outstanding decorating scheme. The rough vastness of the minimalistic design that overrules this palette can be alleviated by using patterns and textures that give the space a true visual spectacle. A contrasting colour scheme such as this one can find its purpose in just any room of the house and give it that dash of monochrome it deserves.

Image source: 2.bp.blogspot.com
Living in Texture
With the harsh contrasting scheme of the monochrome design, the living area threatens to be engulfed in the sterile minimalistic ambient, which is characteristic for this colour palette. The living room should be designed to be welcoming of its guests and to exude with warmth and pleasant ambience. While this might sound like an impossible venture, the play of textures has the ability to add a gentle touch to the room and make it more inviting in the process. Faux fur elements, cotton cushions and sheepskin overthrows create a dazzling combination of fabrics that fit perfectly with each other.

Image source: cdn.homesthetics.net
Dreaming in Black & White
The soothing simplicity of minimalism and the plain blend of the two contrasting shades make a perfect arrangement for the master bedroom. Simple white bedding with dark minimalistic furnishing is a great way to add a dash of elegance, while oversized windows that absorb the room in natural sunlight give it the serenity it needs. All black walls with contrasting bright white floors are enough to make the bedroom visually appealing as it is. For a more artistic approach, the use of black and white wallpapers with floral motifs or oversized geometrical shapes can truly transform a room completely.

Image source: decoist.com
Patterned Bubble Baths
An eclectic concept of the monochrome bathroom design works perfectly with the luxurious finishes making a timeless setting. Marble walls together with diagonal geometrical tiles and back plastered walls give a dramatic visual aspect all the while maintaining a relaxing ambience in the space. Polished metals and floral motifs are two contrasting elements that have the ability to soothe the harshness of the minimalistic trend, while a classy chandelier seems like a great finishing detail for accomplishing a more sophisticated setting in the bathroom area.

Image source: decoist.com
…And Just a Dash of Monochrome
A recipe for creating a perfect kitchen design in a monochromatic manner is actually quite simple and the secret ingredient is hidden in subtle elegance. The sophisticated ambience in the kitchen area characterized with white marble countertops and high-gloss finishes on the cabinets gives this space a sleek design. The chequered tiles are an essential part of this monochromatic miracle, while the cohesive vibe could be accomplished with adding a touch of industrial with easy stove installation of matching design and lighting fixtures. For an additional spark of refinement, a contemporary open kitchen design together with a monochromatic dining room creates a sense of opulence.
Making a statement does not always require too much detail. The monochrome design shows that elegance and beauty can be achieved though subtle use of texture, patterns and a strictly limited colour palette. The bold use of the monochrome colour palette and minimalistic details in home design is a fierce and yet subtle way to add personality to one’s home. The simplicity of the design is what makes the complete composition a true piece of art that can embellish any living area in a sleek manner.

Author's Bio: Lana Hawkins is an architecture student from Sydney.  She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that's where she gets most of her inspiration.

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