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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Shall I print them all!?

All of the samples so far - now I have to decide which ones to have printed up!  I'll be starting with 3 designs, so leave a comment if you have a favourite.

Ooooh! New samples!

New samples...  Hope you like them!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Fresh samples from the Print Bureau.

More designs from Print Bureau!


This is Her Majesty's block!

Love the racks of printing blocks, where you can see years of printing ink ingrained in the cracks in the wood.

The archives of printing blocks, engraved rollers and screen-prints...

Inspiring visit to a wallpaper factory!

Last Friday I visited an amazing wallpaper manufacturers, Anstey who are based in Loughborough, with my friend and fellow designer, Hannah Nunn.  We were treated to a full tour of the factory floor, taking in a huge range of different printing methods (gravure, rotary, screen-printing, pan, trough, digital and more!).  The Account Manager, Sabrina, was very complimentary about my work and suggested some of the most appropriate ways of printing my designs.