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Thursday 2 October 2014

Autumn beckons...

September sun over the veg patch

September has been a beautiful month - the sun has shone and warm breezes are still in our midst.  The garden has bloomed this year (not a garden more a veg patch!).  The broad beans were sweet and delicious and the onions were onions (!).  Lovely though!  

I know I here to talk about my designs but it's the simple things in life that really matter - good food, good health and great friends.  These are the things that inspire me and make me happy, and September has been about slowing down and taking stock of those important things in life. Hence the lack of new posts (last one way back on Sept 7th).   I won't go into any details but I'm dedicating this post to my dearest friend Karen, of whom I'm thinking about a lot right now.

Sweet broad beans!

Our onion crop
Love this little squash and vintage jug I picked up in time for Halloween!

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