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UK Trade & Industry Delegate, British Embassy, Paris. April 2014

Saturday 12 April 2014

Very illuminating...

 I'm in the middle of a huge (still growing!), and towering pile of lampshades, and preparing for my show in Manchester in 2 weeks, closely followed by the trade visit to Paris.  The silks are still on their way so I shall be burning the midnight oil cushion making as soon as they arrive.  The lampshades are now on the website (not a full set of photos yet, but there will be very soon), and available for sale.  I've made these ones with gold linings as it emits a really soft, cosy light, but if it doesn't work with your colour scheme you can email your request - white, silver, champagne and of course, gold are all available.  Go on treat yourself!  

Coriolacae, Flight, In the Wild, Heron and Champignon (l to r, top to bottom)

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